I’m Ready To Admit That Yanni Gourde Is A Phenomenal Hockey Player

I notoriously do not like Tampa therefore I will never compliment one of their players. However, since Yanni Gourde has been sent to Seattle I am ready to admit that this guy is a kick-ass hockey player. Gourde played in Tampa for 7 seasons and won two Cups before being picked up by the Kraken in the expansion draft earlier this summer. No matter which of my teams were playing against Tampa, he was always a killer. It could be the final minutes and he’ll find some way to score that tying goal or get the OT winner. He was a menace to face and I couldn’t stand him. But now he’s in Seattle and I’ll say it, this guy fucks.

In his first two games of the season, Gourde had just one assist with about 22 minutes per game. He was amazing play-wise out on the ice though. He did it again tonight as the Kraken are playing Montreal. Gourde already has 2 points tonight, a goal and an assist. The goal was just absolutely ridiculous, check it out:

He also has 5 shots on net in the 13:19 he’s played so far. The guy is just a fun player to watch. His hands are soft and he’s got great puck control. He’s also just one of those guys that looks like he’s having a great time while he’s playing.

The Kraken currently have a 4-1 lead against Montreal headed into the 3rd. Montreal is so bad, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Kraken put up another goal or two in the final 20 with Gourde’s help.

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