Michigan Cleans Up Early In The 2021 NHL Entry Draft

I wrote a week or so back about how Michigan was going to own the first round of the entry draft but I didn’t expect them to kill it this early. All 4 players I loved from Michigan were taken within the first 5 picks of this year’s draft.

No surprise that Owen Power was taken first overall by the Buffalo Sabres. No shock at all but a great pick for Buffalo. Then, my guy Matty Beniers was Seattle’s first ever NHL Draft pick in the second spot. Whenever I can get that jersey someone please let me know, I’ll scoop it up in a heart beat.

Third overall from the Ducks went to Mason McTavish of the OHL so brief intermission there. Still a great player.

And with the 4th overall pick, the Devils chose Luke Hughes which resulted in the cutest fucking video I’ve ever seen. Jack Hughes is so excited to play with his brother and I can totally see why. I have 3 brothers and if we were like the Hughes family, all NHLers, I’d react the same fuckin way. Love to see it.

Then last but certainly not least is my favorite player from Michigan, Kent Johnson, gettin picked 5th overall. I love Johnson but I wish he wasn’t going to Columbus. I’ve made my disinterest with them clear so I was hoping he’d go to a team that I like. I said in my previous blog that I was hoping he’d go 11th so he could go to Chicago. Well that pick got traded to Columbus earlier today so it seems like no matter what they’ve found a way to screw me. But good for him, 5th is great.

There is plenty of time and picks left in this draft but I am overjoyed that this group from my favorite college team went so high up. Most of them won’t see the start to their NHL careers until after this season because they’re headed back to Michigan so you bet your sweet ass I’ll be up there for a game. Let’s go Wolverines.

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Featured Image:  Courtesy Michigan Photography

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