Chicago Has Acquired Seth Jones And I Have A Few Thoughts

The Chicago Blackhawks have obtained Seth Jones but the question now is for who?!

The Hawks have been chasing Jones’s tail from the jump of the offseason and it has finally come to fruition. Here is the breakdown:

There is a lot going on here so let’s jump in shall we:

I think Jones will be good with the Hawks. He is a 26-year-old right shot defenseman with 580 NHL games under his belt. He’s also a big guy at 6’4″, 209 lbs, plays huge minutes. Last season, he played in 56 games with 28 points (5G 23A) while averaging 25:14 per game. He ended with 101 blocked shots, 102 hits, and a Corsi For of 48.2%. He had a rough season last year, the whole of Columbus did, but new scenery and teammates can fix that one right up.

As for Boqvist, I didn’t mind him in Chicago but he wasn’t anything like how I thought he’d turn out. Last season he played 35 games with 16 points (2G 14A), an average of 16:59 per game, and a CF of 48.9%. He’s still a young player (20) with a lot to learn so maybe Columbus will be good to him, I wish him the best.

HOWEVER, here is where my beef is. The extension that Jones has set up with Chicago – which he can’t sign till Wednesday because he has a year left on his current contract – I don’t like that at all. Seth Jones can be a great defenseman but he is not a $9.5 million dollar defenseman in my eyes. Kane and Toews make $10.5 mill each, Jones will be making a million dollars less than them. Here is just a little list of other players in the league making that much:

Yeah. Not exactly the same levels here. Sure, when he’s on he’s a good player but not a $9.5 million dollar player. The Hawks already gave up 2 first round picks for this guy now they’re putting a tough cap hit on top of it all. I want to like this trade. I think back to back first rounders is tough too, if it was Boqvist and a pick, okay fine but 3 picks (2 in the first) and a player for a better player (+$9.5M cap hit for 8 years), the 32nd tonight, and a 6th. I want to like this trade, I really do but this is rough. I think I’m also having ‘Nam flashbacks to the Seabrook contract to that length and hit on the extension are scaring me.

Overall, I want this to work, I really fuckin’ do. But I have no faith in Stan Bowman as a GM or human being so I’m terrified. I’m going to stress eat and watch the Draft. Fire Stan.

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