Interrupting Your Feed With the Pied Piper Duck Fashion Show

Today was a Grade A shitshow, that I accidentally slept through. So instead of even touching that, let’s look at past ducks from this Duck Fashion Show in Sydney, Australia. All of these photos I’m getting from Google but I have chosen to free style some names for them like they’re Renaissance paintings.

Ducks the Look Like my American Girl Doll Nellie (via this website)
Hot Mamas (via this website)
Sunflower, My Eyes Want You More Than a Melody (via this website)
Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and Lestrade (via this website)
The Final Boss Leprechaun (via this website)

And now for a story in 3 parts:

Beautiful Bride (Mandatory Credit: Photo by Paul Lovelace / Rex Features (1699469i))
The Happy Couple (via this website)
Recent Widow, Who Has Come into a Quack Ton of Money, Standing At The Grave of Her Young Betrothed (via this website)

Anyway, I highly recommend just scrolling through this google for a while. Well worth it. I’m going back to bed but just a reminder to take a deep breath. Life is a mess but don’t stress yourself to a heart attack.

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Featured Image: This Website

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