Cheers To Another Trip Around The Sun

Happy 2021 Season Finale! This year has been long and full of so much malarkey but alas we made it through (RIP Betty White).

Yes, 2021 has been an insane year and a life-changing one. I lost countless good friends this year, got an internship at a company I love dearly, become an actual human with like a job title which is insane to me. But the one consistent thing for me has been every single day of 2021 I’ve brought you at least one blog. I wish I wrote more but this year, towards the end, took a sincere toll on me so that’s one of my resolutions for 2022: Blog so much more. I miss the days of posting 3-5 a day but as of late, I felt burned out. I questioned why I did this, I got really, really down on myself about my writing and if it’s even worth it.

But it is, at least to me.

So here are some of the top Ham Sports blogs we had written this year. It’s not just me on this blog, I’m joined by my amazing brother Jake and our cousin Mike. They run Ham Radio – which should be back for a new season soon, a small break was taken following Mike’s wedding back in August. We did some fun things this year including the Dr. Pepper Challenge in April and we’re aiming to make more in 2022.

For 2021 on Ham Sports, the top blogs written this year were of course the weirdest ones I have ever written. We have “6 Years Ago Today The Timeline Split” which is about Harambe, because I have never outgrown Harambe jokes. Then “Interrupting You Feed With the Pied Piper Duck Fashion Show“, which is about the most insane fashion show on planet Earth.

Overall, 2021 was long. It was a battle at times but in the end, it was just “fine” in my mind and I’m not okay with that. Who knows how long we have left on Earth, I don’t want that time to be just “fine”. So for 2022, I’m going back to my old mindset of “YOLO”. I’m gonna be dead one day anyway, we all are. So why spend so much time in fear?

Cheers to 2021 but let’s move on. To 2022. A new start, a new season. Cheers, dear reader.

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