NHL Training Camps Are Back and So Are Mic’d Up Player Videos

There is nothing quite like mic’d up players. You never realize just how much people talk on the ice until they’re mic’d up during games and practices. And 10 times out of 10, it’s hilarious. So with NHL camps starting up, teams are mic’ing (?) up their players and it’s making some of the best content on Twitter right now.

Fist up, Nate Schmidt is getting acquainted with his new teammates in Vancouver. To make this video interesting, imagine (or try) taking a shot every time he cheers (woooo, yeaaah!, etc.).

Next up, try not to be shocked, is Jamie Benn. If you’re new here, Benn is my favorite player so having him be a silly dipshit was what I needed on my Twitter feed today.

We’re 6 days away from the NHL season and I can’t wait for more of theses videos. To media, players can be such robots but that’s understandable when we see what can happen to their words. A lot of these guys are hilarious and they might not show it.

So until we have more, I’ll leave you with 2 more hilarious mic’d up players.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from Vancouver Canucks video

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