David Pastrnak Hops on the Mic and Interviews Players at Swedish Hockey Game

Pasta is a god sent, little angel to us all. David Pastrnak, 88 with the Boston Bruins, was hanging out at a Swedish hockey game earlier today. Instead of sitting back and watching, Pasta hopped on the mic and talked with the Inside the Glass announcers. They talked a bit about Pasta’s time in Sweden back when he was in juniors and he poked fun at his own Swedish speaking abilities.

The real highlight clip here comes from when Pasta was asked to do a little interview with Jacob Dahlstrom but instead he called over his buddy Lucas Carlsson and asked him about the game so far.

You can get the full translation as well as a 3 minute interview with Pasta here.

Pasta really is a great guy, ya love to see him just shoot the shit and be silly. Not a lot of guys would do that so it’s a nice little treat for us all this weekend.

This isn’t his first acting/broadcasting job as well. If you wanna see some real throwback gems, check out this video of him and old linemate William Nylander doing some Academy-Award-winning-worthy acting.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from the video above

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