Toronto Should Be Active Tomorrow, Double-Phone Dubas To The Rescue

Watching the Maple Leafs cap space race is entertaining, I’m not gonna lie.

The team just picked up TJ Brodie for $5 million AAV for the next 4 seasons. Brodie is a sweet pickup for them. He’s a skilled d-an and exactly what they need. Here is where the problem is though: the Maple Leafs are now $1 million (and some change) over the cap limit. Sure you can fix that up quick but they don’t have that many guys signed to back up whoever they have to lose.

I want a livestream of just Kyle Dubas making phone calls as he tries to swindle this way out of this one. The team still has 2 RFAs, Ilya Mikheyev and Travis Dermott. If you can’t resign them, that leaves the Leafs with 10 forwards and 7 defensemen.

Do I think he can do it? Yeah, but it’s gonna cost Toronto a bit. I think they’re gonna be the team to watch tomorrow, them and the Avalanche. Dubas can be a wizard with creating just enough cap space to skate by and it’s why I’d just want to sit back and watch him work. I think by bright and early, Dubas will be in double-phone call, mad-genius mode trying to dig his team out of the red ink.

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