Torey Krug Off to St. Louis

Talk about a CURVE BALL.

Torey Krug is out of Boston and moving to St. Louis with the Blues i.e. the team he lost the Cup to just a year ago. Honestly that was the last thing I saw coming. I figured we’d see Krug back in Boston but he had other plans.

Krug got himself locked up in a hefty deal, 7 years at $6.5 mill a season. The Bruins were apparently offered him something close but it seems he wanted to move.

With this signing, Pietrangelo is likely gone. Maybe they’ll do an old switcheroo and the Bruins will get Pietrangelo but can’t be sure. Nothing is certain now. As long as he doesn’t show up in Dallas or Chicago, I could honestly care less.

Update: According to Pierre LeBrun, Vegas seems to be very interested in Pietrangelo.

Sorry for your loss, Bruins fans but it does seem like something is coming from them on the horizon.

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