Bobby Ryan Gets A Chance in Detroit

Ya love to see it.

I wrote about Bobby Ryan and his life story just a few weeks ago when he was bought out by the Ottawa Senators. I knew that once free agency hit, there was going to be someone who picked him up. He’s too fucking talented and too strong to let slip through the cracks like this.

Well, I was right.

The Detroit Red Wings have signed UFA Bobby Ryan to a one-year deal with an AAV of $1 million. I think Bobby will do some good in Detroit. They’ve been a bit of a dumpster fire the past few seasons but they’ve made changes for the better. Bobby Ryan is definitely one of those good changes.

I wish him all the best in Detroit. Even as a Chicagoan, I’ve never had big beef with Detroit (probably because I was obsessed with Eminem as a child), so I wish Bobby all the best up north.

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