Officially Adding the Vancouver Canucks to my List of My Teams (TM)

It is an honor in the highest form to be added to My list of Teams and today I am officially inditing the Vancouver Canucks.

This was bound to happen. Late last regular season I started to really enjoy watching them and then they blew me away in playoffs so it was a matter of one domino falling.

Well, that domino was Braden Holtby.

I personally wanted Braden Holtby in Chicago rather than re-signing Subban but Stan Bowman sucks at his fucking job. So Holtby ended up on the other side of the continent in Vancouver.

Holtby’s deal is a two-year with a $4.3 million AAV. He’s already got one Cup to his name and he sure as hell will be looking for another. He does not have a NMC in his contract so he could be a Kraken come next season. Thatcher Demko proved his worth in the playoffs so having the one-two punch of Holtby and Demko is gonna be fantastic.

Now add in players like Elias Pettersson, Brock Boeser, Quinn Hughes, my beloved Antoine Roussel, and POSSIBLY Tyson Barrie (who I went on a fuck-you-Sacic-fest for after his trade) and you’ve got me. I’m fucking sold. I’m officially a Canucks fan. Current team, fuck the 2010-2015 Canucks.

They’ve now been knighted into the elite club with the Blackhawks, Stars, and Avalanche (sometimes the Pennsylvania teams are there too). Do me good this season boys.

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Featured Image: Vancouver Canucks celebrate , The Canadian Press

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