Goalie Sale Starts October 9th

NHL Free Agency starts October 9th and who is ready to be stressed again?

I seem to blackout how stressful every July 1st is so maybe I’m wrong but it seems like this year there are an infinite number of high end goalies on the market. I mean, look at the list up above. You got a number of goaltenders who have been with the same organization their whole career but come the 9th, chances are they’ll be on the move. It is literally the video of kids switching water bottles at the table:

I haven’t looked too much into potential places for all of these goalies to go (I do have a life) but I did talk about how I want Anton Khudobin to stay in Dallas.

As for Crawford, Markstrom, or Talbot, I think they’ll stay with their teams.

The Wings were making some farewell posts for Howard today so I think he’s out of there. Craig Anderson is also out on Ottawa so let’s see who get’s him.

We know Lundqvist has to leave NYR so I’d imagine a team like Colorado -offensively talented but missing a top goaltender- should look at picking him up. We all had Colorado to win the Cup and I think getting a guy like Hank could be mutually beneficial for the team and player.

Holtby is a question mark to me, I’ve seen that it can go either way with Washington but I’d think he’s maybe looking at where else he can go.

As a Chicagoan, if we lose Crawford, we have some great options to fill his shoes. I’d like us to maybe scoop a backup as well but I don’t think we should sweat this too much unless we lose Crow. Personally, I’d like the Hawks to go Holtby or Markstrom in that case.

Starting October 9th, I think some franchises’ Cup chances are going to dramatically change – increasing or decreasing. Sometimes, the one thing you’re missing for that next round in a solid starter or backup and with a goalie sale this large, you can’t pass it up. I’m sure we’ll see a resigning or two between now and then but for now, we just wait and see.

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