Recapping “The Last Dance” Episodes 3 and 4: Dennis Rodman Would Have Been My Favorite Player (Still Is)

Welcome back to another Sunday of the Last Dance documentary here is last week’s recapping of Episode’s 1 & 2.

As for this week, we had Episode 3 which covered Dennis Rodman who is a gem. I knew Rodman was a wacky guy but that’s all I knew. If I was alive during this time, Rodman would have been my favorite player and TBH he still is.

If you know anything about me, you know I love the pests of sports. The Brad Marchands and Brenden Gallaghers, who love to disrupt play and fight for victory, that’s the dedication I love in athletes.

Plus, I love his personality. He’s a wild guy who just is who he is with no apologies. He may be out there but he’s also smart and focused. You can say what you want, I love him. Of course, Jerry Krause didn’t like him, he seems like the kind of guy to hate anyone who was a little different. 

I also never knew that Pippen had tried to play a game with a migraine. Holy shit?? How?? I used to get migraines in high school and I wanted to cry when the room was silent. To play an NBA game with screaming fans AND it was a Game 7? Thet’s unimaginable. Sure they lost but I can’t imagine even trying to do that.

FUCK the Pistons for walking right off the court after losing. I particularly don’t care for Isaiah Thomas. It’s a family hatred and now I see why. After you lose, you still shake hands, quit being a crybaby bitch with your pouting off the court. 

MJ calling out how he didn’t wanna hear any shit Thomas had to say was fantastic because he’s right. Thomas had ~27 years to think about what to say that would make him seem like a good guy. Fuck that dude, you’re just a classless asshole and your three-piece suit adds to my distaste.

One of my favorite things about these episodes is the growth you see Jordan go through. In the beginning, when they’re talking about Phil Jackson taking over as coach, you see Jordan struggle with sharing the ball and having trust in his teammates. Cut to the first Championship and you see Jordan take trust in Paxon. It’s cool to see his growth throughout the seasons and then finally when the series is on the line, he puts faith in the team.

Jordan said before this that he was afraid people weren’t going to like him after this but I love Jordan even more. He’s a funny guy and he genuinely takes the time to help build his team-up. I love it.

That’s all for this week, I can’t wait for next weeks’ episodes. I’m waiting for the previews right now. Be sure to come back next Sunday for more.

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