I Find It Hard To Believe That NHL Camps Could Start June 1st

John Scott, ex-NHL player and All-Star Captain, dropped this Tweet yesterday about what could be happening for the NHL in the coming weeks. I wasn’t home yesterday so I just saw this a little bit ago. As much as I would love for it to be true, I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

In Illinois, much like other places, our Stay-At-Home Order was just extended to May 31st so it’s hard to believe that camps will be starting the next day. Sure, we have a whole month to get things under control and maybe flatten the curve enough that we can go out by June 1st but some people in this country (America, ICYMI) are idiots and still going out to protest a literal virus. I think we’re going to be inside till, at least, the end of June.

I miss hockey like a missing limb but realistically we can’t chance this pandemic getting any worse. The same goes for this “remote location” season, I find it unrealistic to actually accomplish.

It takes one person coming in contact with the virus to compromise hundreds of people. Maybe they see someone who doesn’t know they’re a carrier or even they are a carrier themselves. They can spread it to the team, then the coaches, then the staff, then everyone involved and their families. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Plus keeping players isolated from their families and making them complete the season is some USSR shit. 

It’s better to stay home and not risk people’s lives for the sake of the sport. 

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