Recapping “The Last Dance” Episode 1 and 2: Krause Was Annoying

I wasn’t alive when Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Steve Kerr, and Dennis Rodman played in Chicago. I was born in ’99 so watching The Last Dance is kinda like experiencing this for the first time. I know part of the story, I played basketball growing up and Jordan was my hero.

But it is really cool to see all the behind the scenes. Stat sheets and championships don’t show you the font office power struggles that really shape a team.

For example, when you look at the Blackhawks, you see the dynasty. 3 Cups in 6 seasons, amazing! But people might not know about the power struggle between Joel Quenneville and Stan Bowman, about all of the arguments and trades that caused a rift which ended with Q losing his job when the Hawks play when to shit early last season.

Those are some of my favorite stories though. You see players’ struggles off the court and just what they had to deal with. And that leads to my first take: 

I would have wanted Krause gone more than I want Bowman gone.

Jerry Krause seems like an annoying younger brother who wants to be cool in front of their older siblings’ friends but no one is having it. The guy was just getting on my nerves. Plus threatening to split up the superstar roster you have to inside fear is such a terrible tactic because they’re going to rebel and not like you.

I love MJ and Scottie Pippen just roasting him at any given chance.

Also, about Pippen, the Bulls getting him on that deal is insane. A 7-year, $18 million deal. That’s what I imagine Kyle Dubas wanted Mitch Marner for.

Pippen deserves so much more than he got. I never knew he was that underpaid (once again I wasn’t alive). Plus when you gotta deal with a boss that’s got fragile masculinity like Krause, it makes sense that you’d wanna leave.

Also for MJ to be making $33 million to be like “well he’s selfish for wanting to leave” eeeehhhhh I see where Pippin was coming from. You’re 2nd in everything to this man and making $30 million less while having to deal with this short little man chirping in your ear, I’d be fuckin sick of it too.


scottie pippen
Scottie Pippen’s Salary Between 1990-1998 (via HoopsHype)
michael jordan
Michael Jordan’s Salary Between 1990-1998 (via HoopsHype)


Sure, Pippen got paid after Chicago but that’s a lot of stress to take every day.

Now I’m excited for the next episode about Dennis Rodman, who is one of the most interesting public figures. I feel like you could do a whole 10 part series on Rodman.

I also watched like 20 minutes of Scott Van Pelt talking to watch a:45 second clip about the next episode, so that was annoying but I’m excited to see the next one. Tune in next Sunday for another update on Episode 3 & 4!

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