Recapping “The Last Dance” Episodes 9 & 10: That Pizza was Poisoned

Recaps of episodes 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8.

Well, that’s it, folks. The 5-week series has ended with a bang, here’s my thoughts.

Micheal Jordan is Arya Stark. Change my mind. The man keeps a running list of people who have offended him and then he shows up to prove them wrong at the perfect moment.

The lady who was screaming at the Bulls? Yeah, her son plays for the Bulls now (Luke Kornet).

Now for the biggest plot twist in all of sports/modern history: It wasn’t a flu game – to was food poisoning. I think we can all agree that the Utah Pizza was poisoned. There is no way in hell that those 5 guys that delivered the pizza had put something in that pizza to try and get a Utah Jazz W. Well jokes on you mother fuckeerrrss!

Via this tweet

Micheal grabbing the game ball for Gus is so damn adorable.

Dennis Rodman still remains my favorite person of all time. Him just going and doing wrestling mid-playoffs? Fan-fuckin-tastic. I’d love young Dennis Rodman in the era of social media.

The final seconds of Game 6 in 1998 was phenomenal. There really is no other way to put it than it was poetic.

I’ve always said that I’d love to party with the 2018 Washington Capitals after they won but I do have to add the ’98 Bulls to that list. They were on top of the world and at a time when social media wasn’t a thing. How freeing that must be.

As for the ending, that was poetic as well. Phil deciding to help them let go and heal was a testament to what a great coach he was to the team. The Bulls have still not rebuilt yet, even after 21 years. But maybe, just maybe, we’ll see another banner in the UC. Now if Netflix can put the whole documentary up so I can watch every episode in 1 night, that would be great.

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