ICYMI 7 Years Ago: This Unreleased One Direction Song SLAPS

I’m so back in my One Direction phase that it’s gonna become a problem soon.

Let’s rewind real quick. Back in 2013, this partial 1D song was leaked to YouTube and Tumblr. It’s a snippet of a chorus from a song called “Just Can’t Let Her Go”.

I have been listening to this on repeat for about 3 days. No matter how old I am I’ll always be whipped for this band. 

I’m pissed we were robbed of this because it slaps. I would have been belting the lyrics forever. This video is also an iconic type of One Direction Lyric video. (Fetus 1D AF)

I would love for them to come back and sing the song on stage but it was sold to Isac Elliot in 2014 so legally they wouldn’t be allowed to. It’s a forgotten about song though. I’ve been seeing it everywhere on TikTok because some of the locals didn’t know about this tune.

Don’t tell ’em about “Don’t Let Me Go”.

Since the 1D Renaissance in the past few months, I’ve been ready for this reunion. I mean I’ve been ready for a reunion since 2016 but now I’m so ready for it. I’m ready to rededicate my life (and money) to these idiots once more. Until then, I’ll be jamming to Just Can’t Let Her Go.

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Featured Image: Larry Strawberry on We Heart It

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