TikTok is Making Me Want To Learn to Cross Stitch

I spend a ridiculous amount of TikTok, even before quarantine even started. My TikTok is a mix of sports, One Direction, and dark jokes. Now, I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole.

There are a lot of talented artists on TikTok, a chunk seems to be good at cross-stitching and I’ve gotten addicted to these videos. The things people can make are insane, look at this koi pond:

(via emo.embroiderers on TikTok)

Or some sew onto clothes (technically embroidery) which is baller:

(via redwinedress on TikTok)

Watching all of these makes me want to learn how to embroider/cross-stitch. I would definitely not be that talented at it. I know how to sew but barely. I think if I really honed in my skill I could do some of these.

All of the designs above radiate “soft girl” vibes and that ain’t me. I said I’d punch a boomer last week. The memes are where my heart would be:

(via hannahkuhl27 on TikTok)

(via nikki.ong on TikTok)

My mom would totally hate me hanging all of these up and down the hallways of the house but come on, it’s art. Plus, I would sew the dumbest shit onto all of my clothes. Plain shirt? Not anymore, it says something stupid like “the Chicago Blackhawks own my ass” or “I’m a pirate”. Once again, disappointing my mother.

Quarantine days are getting longer and picking up another hobby will either be a blessing or a curse to my time management skills. For now, I guess I’ll live vicariously through the TikToks.

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Featured Image: DIYs

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