This Video Made Me Realize That You Are Never Too Old To Get Your Shit Rocked

So this video just came across my TikTok feed a few minutes ago:


In the video, if you can’t see it, a girl is behind the wheel of her car with this old man yelling at her through the window. The guy walks away and this woman comes over, who I’m assuming as his wife, and says “I’m a healthcare professional” and proceeds to cough onto the driver and hit her. There is someone in the back of the car who yells “let go of her!”.

I was invested at this point, obviously, went deeper down the rabbit hole and checked the girl’s profile. There she had the full video:


Basically, the old man and his wife are all bent out of shape because the girl passed him, so like any sane Boomer, they followed her to a Dairy Queen drive-thru where this argument happened. I looked in the comments and the original poster said that they were pressing charges against the couple, rightfully so, but it got me thinking and so fired up.

I am a hot-headed person (as you can tell by this post) and when provoked, I can let my anger get the better side of me. If that was me behind the wheel, I would have lost my shit at this boomer. COVID-19 has shut down almost everything and you have the audacity as a “health care professional” to cough onto someone and hit them? As well as it sounds like the girl driving has her younger sibling in the backseat. Once again if that was me and my little brother, or god forbid my grandmother, was in the back, I would have absolutely lost it.

I would have rocked this lady’s shit, I don’t care how old she is. 

Kudos to the girl recording for keeping it together and just yelling at them because I don’t know if I wouldn’t have shown that much restraint. I am getting this angry writing about it after seeing it happen to someone else. If that was actually me?

I would have punched an old lady in the DQ Drive-Thru.

Also, the recorder said that they will be pressing charges and I hope that the lady gets her “health care professional” license if she even has one, revoked because it’s absolute nonsense that she would do that. Corona is absolutely ravaging the planet, canceling events and school, basically putting life at a standstill and you’re going to cough onto someone? Some people deserve to get their shit rocked, jfc.

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Featured Image: Video From @bri1234571 on TikTok

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