Binge-Watched Tiger King, Here Are My Thoughts

Tiger King Spoiler ahead (obviously).

I don’t binge-watch. I can’t sit and focus for a whole show season in a day but Tiger King got me. My family and I started episode 1 at 7PM last night and I thought I’d watch an episode or two before giving up, going to bed, and forgetting to watch the remaining episode.

But I’ve never seen a show that throws so many twists and turns in your face on top of a cast of characters that are all uniquely crazy while following a storyline that was already pretty interesting. Not to mention I loved the cinematography (not to be that bitch). So I ended up watching the entire show in one sitting, all 7 episodes and for people who have seen the show then you know that it is a lot to take in.

As you watch this multi-year saga play out, it was obvious that some of them were straight-up scumbags. So I ranked them because what else was I going to do with this information.

Disclaimer: Please don’t feed me to your tigers or send a $3,000 hitman for me after this, thanks.

5. James Garretson

This guy was slimy. He was a sleazy businessman that was skating by on his badly gelled hair. Dude was a bitch ass snitch but the jetski part was hilarious.

giphy (2)

4. Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic is like a storybook character, so much so that sometimes he felt phony.  Not to mention that he hired almost 2 people to murder a woman is serving 22-years for that, embezzled money for his campaigns, and was pretty abusive and manipulative to his husbands. Although he was hilarious to watch he was still a pretty bad guy. (Probably killed those tigers too)

3. Carole Baskin

She definitely fed her ex-husband to the tigers and you cannot tell me otherwise. The way she hinted at putting sardine oil on someone to make the tigers want to eat them felt like she was speaking from experience. Especially the little smile in her eyes when she said it. They’re reopening the case so time will tell. Also, her general attitude just pissed me off for the entire series.

2. Bhagavan Antle

“Doc” was just fuckin gross like a creepy old guy grooming some much younger women. He seems like the guy who would creep on you constantly and put his hand really low on your back. No cap, would punch him if that happened.

1.Jeff Lowe

Lowe spun so many webs and screwed everyone, it’s insane. His way of convincing people to listen to him and do his bidding is wild. How he convinced experienced zoo owners like Joe Exotic and Tim Stark (and his monkey) into handing over their businesses and fitting the bill is almost impressive. Plus, he had the same creepy vibe as Antle.

So biggest scum bag on the show: Jeff Lowe

Even though there are a bunch of scummy characters in the story, there were a few characters I actually liked. They’re not ranked because they all deserve so much better than they got.

Firstly, John Reinke. He was the manager of Joe Exotic’s zoo forever and he was one of the more clear-headed people throughout the whole story. He seemed like a guy who just loved what he did and he got screwed by other people’s decisions. He lost his wife, his home, and his animals along with people he had been so close with for so many years. Dude deserved so much better.

Next, Travis Maldonado and John Finlay, Joe’s husbands. These two were manipulated by Joe using drugs and gifts under the guise of “love”. It cost poor Travis his life. The moment at the end where John gets a tattoo over the “Property of Joe Exotic” tatt is one where you see him let go of Joe and it’s a deeply emotional moment to end the story.

Then, poor Joshua Dial. The part where he sees Travis die and he just freezes made my heart stop. That is horrifying to live through and I feel terrible for him. That guy signed up to be a campaign manager and look at what he walked into. He deserves so much better.

Lastly, Kelci “Saff” Saffery. According to IMDb, Saff is a transgender man and he is referred to as a woman twice. It’s 2020, respect someone’s pronouns asshole, it’s not hard. Also, he lost his arm and that’s gotta suck.

Overall, the whole story was insane. From start to finish the story was fascinating and captivating. I highly recommend and I see all of the hype. There is never a dull moment.

So if you got Netflix, go head over to it and watch all seven episodes. Do it, you got the time.

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Featured Image: Netflix

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