Great News: Kurtis MacDermid and The Stanley Cup Have Made Up

Great news, the Stanley Cup and Kurtis MacDermid have made amends. A couple of nights ago in the midst of the Avalanches’ Stanley Cup bender, poor MacDermid was handed his first loss in a fight when he took on Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion. The poor guy went to lift the Cup “Dirty Dancing” style but overshot the landing and ended up on his ass. That’s right, 35 pounds of silver sent the 6’5″, 233lb defenseman ass-over-tea-kettles into the table behind him:

At least the 3-day-bender he was on probably softened the blow but I can’t imagine what a bitch of a bruise he woke up with the next day. The Cup has taken a bit of a beating during the six days it has been in the Avalanche’s possession. She seemed to be doing alright last night though since Erik Johnson, ever the content king of the Colorado Avalanche, posted an update for us. He let us know that the Cup and MacDermid have “kissed and made up”:

Video via Erik Johnson’s Instagram Story

Where would we be without you EJ? The Cup has been as banged up as the Avs’ roster has been over the season but much like this relentless team, she’s persisting and is staying out with the party. The Avalanche have not slowed down for a minute and I am eating up every single second of this content. Good on MacDermid for making things up with the beloved Stanley Cup. It would be a real long summer for him otherwise.

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Featured Image:  Screenshot from Erik Johnson's Instagram Story

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