This morning my best friend Hannah and I had to race to the train station to catch the train to the Chicago Pride Parade. We made that train by mere seconds. And at that moment I knew today was going to be a good day. Now I know that today was setting up to be the best day of my life. The Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Avalanches’ early scoring struggles followed them into the first period. Steven Stamkos gave the Lightning a 0-1 early score to lead this game through the first. The Avalanche had some great chances, especially Nate MacKinnon, but nothing came to fruition until the second period.

Who else but The Dogg Nate MacKinnon to score the opening goals for the Avalanche in Game 6. It took him just 1:54 into the period to finally crack Vasilevskiy:

Then to finally grab the Avalanche a lead in this game, Artturi Lehkonen, classic clutch goal hero, came in 10 minutes after MacKinnon and gave us the hope we needed.

The third period might have been scoreless but it was the most electric 20 minutes of my life. And it ended with no goals and the Colorado Avalanche are Stanley Cup Champions and I cannot believe it. I simply can’t.

I- just- I wanna lay on my garage floor and soak this in. A team that battled through every injury, through every close game, through every second-round loss. They’ve done it. They’ve finally fucking done it. Cale Makar obviously wins the Conn Smythe, days after winning the Norris:

The soundbites and videos that are going to be coming out on social media later are going to be the best. We already have Nate MacKinnon threatening to get Sidney Crosby fucked up at this Cup party:

I am going to be thinking about Erik Johnson raising that Stanley Cup for the rest of my life. Johnson has been in the NHL for 14 years, 12 of which he spent helping the Colorado Avalanche build to this very moment. And look at him. He’s won his first Cup. I’ve been tearing up about it since the final seconds:

Every single player on the Avs deserves this win. They have been a team that has been dominant in the regular season but could never crack that second round and now they’ve done it. They’ve seriously done it. I need to go lay in the grass and just praise every Hockey God for this. This team has been through the ringer. Their core has been knocking at this door for years and they’ve finally done it.

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