RMU Hockey Is Coming Back!

Earlier this year, Robert Morris University announced that they were shutting down their D-1 hockey teams out of the absolute blue. It was a shock to everyone considering RMU was certainly on its way to becoming a big name in college hockey, they were basically already there. Positioned for success based on the years of top alumni who had come through and went on to have careers after college, especially from their women’s team. I felt horrible for all the kids who went there to play the game and then had the rug pulled from under them in a matter of days because of some university bureaucratic bullshit. But finally today, redemption.

It was announced earlier today that RMU will be getting their hockey teams back come 2023-24. It sucks that that’s a few years down the line, especially for any kids that picked that school just for hockey. But overall this is a win. As I said in the blog I wrote when their teams got shut down, so many great players had spent years working their tails off to make this a competitive, successful D-1 Hockey school. I really hope they’re able to pick up where they left off, bring back some of the same coaches. I’d hate to see them come back after all this time and then people talk smack because they’re not as good as they were before.

Overall though, great news today. A lot of people have been fighting for this, donating money and time to change the university’s mind. I’m excited for them to come back and I’m happy for all the fans and players that get their team back.

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Featured Image:  RMU's Website

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