Does Mark Messier Use His Powers For Good or For Evil?

Hockey, much like life, is full of questions. One of those questions I have been pondering (since yesterday) is:

Does Mark Messier use his powers for good or for evil?

I’ve seen Mark Messier countless times in my life but just yesterday, during the opening night of the NHL Playoffs on ESPN, I took a long look and realized who he reminds me of.

I watched a lot of Smallville in my youth and I don’t know why it took so long for my little pea brain to connect the two together. Lex Luthor, Superman’s rich supervillain enemy, does have some similar characteristics to the six-time Stanley Cup Champion. For example, here is a lil side by side:

Lex Luthor Photo via DC Comics | Messier Photo via Getty Images

You see where the comparison was made. It was when I voiced this realization to my older brother Jake that there was another possibility I was missing. I barely got “Mark Messier looks like-” out before he said, “Oh yeah, he kind of looks like Charles Xavier.” And the Messier-verse expanded.

Charles Xavier, Professor X if ya didn’t know, is a man who just wanted peace. Who gave so much of himself to have that peace between mutants and humans. He, just like Luthor, looks a lot like Messier:

Professor X Photo via Marvel | Messier Photo via Scott Clarke | ESPN Images

ALL I’M SAYING is we’ve never seen them in the same room together. Coincidence, I think not!

Lex Luthor and Professor X don’t exist in the same universe. Luthor is DC, X is Marvel/X-Men, and Messier is whatever universe we live in. All I’m saying is there is a possibility that Mark Messier has some kind of superpowers and he’s treading the fine line between superhero and supervillain. I have a feeling he’s leaning more towards superheroes. He seems like an honestly nice guy. I just think it’s a little strange in this day and age with all the technology we’ve made and the number of weirdo billionaires that we haven’t seen one of those billionaires rise up as a real-life supervillain, like Lex Luthor. I thought that would have happened by now. So I can’t say I’ll be surprised if one day, a random dude with a boatload of money and a grudge against the City says “fuck you guys, I’m going to use this big contraption I made to move the ocean over the City” and Mark Messier says “don’t worry guys, I’m just gonna move the ocean with my mind.”

I would be so unphased I’d just yell “thanks, Mega Mark”, and just move on with my day.

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Featured Image:  Lex Luthor Photo via DC Comics | Messier Photo via Scott Clarke | ESPN Images | Professor X Photo via Marvel

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