Staying in Connor McDavid’s House Would Drive Me to Insanity in 3 Days Flat

Hockey Twitter’s latest beef has been with Connor McDavid’s house and I wholeheartedly agree.

I have never liked minimalism, so write that down. It’s too cold and empty. There’s no life and I straight up don’t understand it. There’s so many rules with what works and what doesn’t, you can’t spill anything because it’s all white- I just hate it. I need stuff to look at. My room is a museum to my life, packed with colours and random objects that have a lot of meaning to me. If you wiped that all away and left me with blank walls and the bare necessities, I’d go full Jack Torrance real quick.

Connor McDavid’s is my Stanley Hotel. It’s pristine black and white, minimal decor that’s probably worth more than my family’s 4-bedroom house, and there’s lots of just open space. I gave myself 3 days before I’m sitting at that cold kitchen counter obsessively clicking away at a typewriter.

Sure, McDavid makes $12 mill and can do whatever the fuck he wants with that money but I’m allowed to make my jokes. You wanna act like you’re so smart because you’re defending his house he bought and probably didn’t give a shit about the design, just get off your high horse and kick rocks.

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