Canada Takes Game 6 of The Rivalry Series

Last night we had another incredible US vs Canada game as part of the My Why Tour/ Rivalry Series and much to my chagrin, Canada won this one in OT (again).

The first period was another slow one. Both these teams were scoreless, with only 15 shots between them (10 US, 5 Canada). US had some big shots on the power play but nothing that could get past Canada’s goaltender Emerance Maschmeyer. We did have some hits, Decker got a big one on Poulin though because, per usual, this is USA Hockey versus Canada.

Into the second, Canada put up the opening goal just 1:30 into the period. Sarah Fillier, who is a rookie to this Canadian team, netted the goal which is her 5th in 7 Rivalry Series games. Only 3:06 into the period, a scrum broke out following back-to-back cross-checks. There was about a 5-minute break where penalties had to be decided.

The penalties did not stop there. By the end of the second, the boxes basically had revolving doors on them. Here’s all the penalties racked up in that period:

And despite all the power plays and shots both sides had, no one scored and Canad carried a 0-1 lead into the final frame. This mirrored Wednesday’s game pretty well.

Kendall Coyne-Schofield, a local, finally got the US on the board 1:53 into the period.

That tie sadly did not last long. Emily Clark came back with a goal about 2 minutes later to restore the Canadian lead. However, hope was alive and well as the US got things tied one more from a Savannah Harmon goal with just under 7-minutes to play.

Canada didn’t retaliate to that goal so – surprise, surprise – we headed back to OT.

Canada started on a power-play thanks to a Lee Stecklein hooking call. They couldn’t do anything with it but in the following minutes, Marie-Philip Poulin swooped in as hero again. She scored Canada’s OT winner on Wednesday, makes sense she’d score another one last night.

Canada now leads the Rivalry Series, 2-4, headed into another game on the 20th. This time it will be up in Minnesota and I am hoping for a win here. These games have been phenomenal to watch, things get chippy and the players are incredible. I’m excited for more moving forward, especially as we get closer to the Olympics.

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