Team USA Falls In Game 1 Of My Why Tour/Rivalry Series But I’m Already Pumped For Game 2

I don’t like to admit defeat but the US has fallen in the first game of the My Why Tour. Team Canada finished it out with a 3-1 win. Canada got it started 14 minutes into the first courtesy of Sarah Fillier and kept that lead until the dying half of the second. Per usual there was so much back and forth on the ice. These teams have such a hatred between each other and it translates to every single game. After countless plays there was some kind of scrum, players were throwing hands. Abby Roque, who I praise every time I talk about this team, was being so aggressive out there. I love that because she just adds some beautiful fuel to this flame.

It took until 8:39 remaining in the 2nd for the US to tie it up with a goal from Hayley Scamurra.

Sadly the US didn’t keep this lead going, about 6 minutes into the 3rd, Canada got themselves back in the lead with a goal from Emily Clark and the pain didn’t stop there. The US pulled their goalie and had plenty of kick ass chances on net but nothing they could secure. Clark got another of a fumbled puck by Megan Keller when the US had an empty net. So there it goes, Canada wins game 1 in a 3-1 W.

Overall, amazing game. Although the US lost and they gotta work on some things before the next game, this game was electric. The play on the ice was back and forth, these teams were destroying each other, and the crowd did not stop cheering the entire time. It was a great intro back to the series. I saw it both being called the My Why Tour and the Rivalry Series, regardless this series continues to be phenomenal. It will continue at this relentless pace through the next 9 games and then the Olympics. Not to mention that a few of these players are competing for a spot of that Olympic roster.

Next game is Monday at 6PM in Hartford, Connecticut. The game will once again be on NHL Network.

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