Team USA Is Playing An Additional 7 Games Before The Olympics

I just said the other day how stoked I am to get as many Team USA games as possible and the Hockey Gods have heard my prayers. Team USA announced an additional 7 games coming up between November 9th and January 6th.

November 9th, 11th, and 12th, Team USA will take on Team Russia in Belfast, Ireland. Team USA took the wheels off Team Russia at the Woman’s World Championships and I expect them to do the same here. I’m confused as to why these two teams are meeting in Ireland but hey, maybe they’re bringing more women’s hockey around the world. Can’t hate that.

The US will come back to North America to play Team Canada up above the border November 21st and 23rd. This has been advertised as a Rivalry Series game which is pretty much the same as the My Why Tour so far. They’ll break for Thanksgiving and comeback to play one another December 20th. Then they’ll break until January 3rd and 6th where US and Canada will play again in Alberta.

As I said, I’m stoked for all of these games. They both need to get prepared for the Olympics so what better way to do that then play your biggest rival. It’ll be good practice for Team Russia too. This series is exectric every time. Team Canada has 2 games scheduled against the US on December 16th and 18th but Team USA does not have that on their website. This is technically still a part of the “My Why Tour” although Team Canada has used graphics with the classic Rivalry Series on it but whose to say, they’re basically the same thing now. The “My Why Tour” kicks off tomorrow in Allentown, Pennsylvania

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