It’s Time For A Rematch: USA VS Finland Tonight

It’s time for a rematch. Team USA will be facing off against Finland in their second game at the Women’s World Championships. If you didn’t know, back in 2019 the US beat Finland in the Gold Medal Game to clinch their 5th straight gold medal. This rematch is going to be electric.

In Game 1 of the tournament against Switzerland, the US beat the Swiss 3-0. Their goals came from Brianna Decker, Kendall Coyne Schofield, and Grace Zumwinkle. Decker has been electric. Ya got Kendall leading this team like the great captain she is. Then Grace Zumwinkle grabs her first with this team. Overall great game for the US but also not surprising.

Today’s game is going to be another good one. The US and Finland have played one another 19 times before and the US have won 16 of those 19 games. The Fins are pretty good at hockey but there is no doubt in my mind that the US will pull a win out of this game. I will (hopefully) be on a flight to NYC when this game starts but I have full faith in this team. Brianna Decker is probably going to score another goal out there, she’s had the first goal in every game so far. Might as well keep the tradition going, eh?

After tonight’s game, the US will move onto Russia who the US shit kicked in the pre-tournament game. For now, it’s time to focus on beating Finland again. Puck drop us at 8:30PM CT, be sure to tune in on NHL Network.

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Featured Image:  USA Hockey

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