Lightning Take Game 3. Pain.

Tampa was on it tonight, scoring their first goal just 1:52 into the game. They got another just 2 minutes later on the power play. It was promptly at that moment that I slammed my computer shut and changed my Goal Caufield shirt because I wore it last game and that clearly is a bad omen.

Well what do you know, a few minutes after I changed shirts Phillip Danault scored his first goal of the postseason and got this Habs team within one. Phil has been amazing in the post season but he’s been goalless, that a time to get his first.

The first period ended at 2-1 with Tampa leading but the Habs were way better than when they started. They had that timeout that slapped them awake and they were rejuvenated in the second half of the period.

The Lightning came back quick in the second with 2 goals in the first 3:33 of the period. That stings like a mother. The Habs wouldn’t get one back til 18:04 into the period. It came from Nick Suzuki who has been a beast so far. They just couldn’t get anything going the whole time.

The third was not much better. The Habs contained the Lightning pretty well but the daggers came 15:19 into the 3rd with another Lightning goal. At least Corey Perry got the Habs a 3rd goal. Yet Coleman came in and sealed this score at 6-3.

This is looking really bad for the Habs, no shit. But I am nothing if not an optimistic son of a bitch so I’m sticking with my boys. Even if they just get one, I’m proud. I already am. They’re the underdogs who swooped in and fucked everyone’s brackets. That’s enough for my chaotic heart. Game 4 happens Monday at 7PM. I’m not giving up, go Habs go!

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