Settle Into Fourth Of July Weekend With The Best Movie Ever Made

Happy early 4th to those who celebrate. We have no hockey playing in the next 2 days but we do have the Fourth of July. As I am American, it’s a holiday we usually celebrate big and one of my favorite traditions is watching Miracle (2004). It is, hands down, the greatest movie ever made and nothing says ‘Merica quite like an underdog coming from behind to win it all. We did that one in the Revolutionary War over 200 years ago. We were under funded, out matched beyond our widest beliefs but in the end, look who came out on top. That’s right, kick rocks Britain.

So this holiday weekend when there is no stress, and no hockey where you have to worry about your arch nemesises winning the Stanley Cup again — I digress — enjoy a weekend of drinking, overeating, and the beautiful story of Miracle. Here’s the trailer, it’ll give you goose bumps. You can watch the whole thing on Disney+.

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Featured Image: 2004, Gavin O’Connor

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