Sha’Carri Richardson Could Miss The Olympics And I Am Angry

… come again?

A few hours ago it was announced that Sha’Carri Richardson is facing suspension and could miss out on the upcoming Olympics becasue they found traces of weed in her system. Richards is one of – if not THE fastest women on the planet. She just ran a 100-meter dash in 10.86 seconds at the U.S. Olympic Trials (her PR is 10.72). To have her miss the Olympics would be a travesty for the US and for track as a whole.

Now, the IOC said that she is facing a 30-day suspension for having marijuana in her system which means she would be forced to miss the Olympics which start July 23rd. Here is a full run down of the facts she’s up against but I gotta say my piece.

The fact that they’re trying to suspend her for this is, in my opinion, ridiculous. It’s been proven time and time again how using weed, responsibly, is good for athlete’s recovery. It helps relax the muscles and recover those ones that need it. It’s not a steroid that gives you an advantage, it’s more of a recovery aid.

I mean we’ve seen weed be used for recovering athletes in other sports and it’s not a problem. Just last year, when the NHL players were stuck in the Bubbles at Edmonton and Toronto, they opened up (anonymously) about how edibles were a big part of their recovery and helping them sleep:

“As with drinking, things seemed to be in moderation in the bubble. “Weed gummies were there, drinking was there, but I think when it came down to it, people were trying to perform the best they can,” a Western Conference veteran said. “I don’t think guys were drinking to party — certainly not in excess. When guys were taking weed gummies, it wasn’t a ‘Let’s get high as s— and do nothing all day.’ It was more of a recovery sense or to fall asleep after a game. Instead of falling asleep at 4 or 5 a.m., guys could fall asleep at 1 a.m. so they could get seven hours of sleep.””


It’s been proven by so many doctors and players how great it can be for recovery. It is insane to me that one of the best athletes in the world could miss out on the Olympics potentially due to a non-performance enhancing drug. If she was on the track so high she couldn’t run, that’s a whole other thing completely. But the fact that she had it in her system and they’re threatening her with suspension is crazy to me. I hope they don’t give her this or take away her chance at running in her races at the Olympics. If so, the IOC and I will have big beef, us 100m runners gotta stuck together.

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Featured Image: Charlie Riedel/AP

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