US Wipes the Floor With Austria in Their 2nd Game at World Juniors

After a tough beat last night against Russia, the US dusted off their asses and took control in Game 2.

Drew Helleson opened the scoring with a goal 15:31 into the 1st period. That was all the scoring for the first. It was a slow start but better play from the US than last night.

In the 2nd period, the US lit a stick of dynamite under their asses and were off to the races. They scored 6 unanswered goals in the 2nd period. The goals came from:

The US took Austria into the 3rd leading 7-0 and they didn’t waste a single second. Brett Berard scored 2 minutes in, Brendan Brisson scored a minute after. Then, Matthew Boldy got his hatty 6 minutes in to put the score at 10-0.

With 10 minutes to go, Austria’s goalie Sebastian Wraneschitz seemed to pull a muscle making a save and was taken out of the game. He faced 68 shots and only allowed 10 into the net, which is astounding. Hopefully his injury is not too bad because he’s great for this team. Without him, the US might have had 30 goals. Jakob Brendner came in for Wraneschitz and immediately gave up the final goal to Sam Colangelo (birthday goal).

This is the game I was expecting to see from Team US after their first prelim game against Finland. High energy, offensively strong, and relentless play. They’re a top prospect team with a shit ton of talent and experience so when they we’re a mess against Russia, it was a bit shock. They fell just a little short in that comeback last night so for them to play this game with vengeance was par for the course.

The US doesn’t play again until the 29th against Switzerland. Hopefully they’ll have Patrick Moynihan, who was destroyed on a bullshit hit towards the end of the game. They’ll need to be this high level for that game if they want a chance to go further in the Championship. It was a great confidence booster and show of strength but they have to keep the pedal on the gas. They’ll have some days off to just take a breath, clear your head, and get ready to kick some ass.

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Featured Image: Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

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