End The Last Weekend of 2020 With NHL Commercials

There is nothing quite as funny as NHL players (or any pro athlete) acting. Most of the time they have 4 collective brain cells to a team so to see those efforts put towards acting is always laugh out loud funny. Especially the older commercials where it’s super cheesey and the graphics are garbo. Alyssa Hope, an absolute saint, has made like 20 or so compilations of NHL commercials and some of them are just flat out hilarious. This first one, which is up above, is probably the best one.

Sidney Crosby is a good actor?? Same with McDavid and Toews?? Who would have guessed. Ya got the classic Hank making smoothies. Marc-Andre Fleury being a Grade A Dad. Definite way to get some chuckles before heading into the last work week of this God awful year.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from video above

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