US Loses to Russia and I Need Another Beer

This is not how I wanted Christmas to end.

The first period was okay. Team Russia was on the ball early and up 1-0 in no time. Team USA had a lot of missed opportunities but they got lucky on a Cam York shot that trickled past Yaroslav Askarov. That’s fine, go into the 2nd period and break that tie, right?


Zakhar Bardakov scored to get Team Russia ahead, 2-1, just 3 minutes into the 2nd. What came next was an axe to the head. Vasili Ponomaryov scored 11 minutes in and a minute later Ilya Safonov put Russia at a 4-1 lead. The US seemed lost, they couldn’t set up and get the passes going.

But then in the 3rd period, we had hope. John Farinacci gave the US life with a goal with 10 minutes remaining. Then Trevor Zegras with 2 remaining put us within one. Could we do it? Would we get it even to at least make it to OT? No we pulled the goalie and Yegor Chinakhov scored an empty netter to which I slammed the rest of my beer to numb the pain.

The US gotta pull themselves together before their next game. They looked good against Finland but they crumbled against Russia. The US will be playing Austria tomorrow at 8:30 PM CT. It’s go time, the boys can’t doddle and especially with a line-up like this. Sure, Game 1 was a shitshow but just dust off your ass and go into game 2 prepared. I’m gonna go watch “Miracle” to cope.

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