Notre Dame Second Intermission Report AKA I’m Slowly Descending into Madness

It’s now the second intermission and the Fighting Irish are down 0-2 going into the final frame. It’s time to get our legs under us, time to get moving here. It’s been 8 months since most of these kids have played. There is gonna be rust but we’re at the point in the game where they’ve had so many chances that there’s gotta be one going in. They’ve had grade A chances but now’s the time. Help out Dylan St. Cyr, whose got 16 saves already.

Let’ get creative, let’s get smart, let’s win a hockey game.

Let’s at least score a goal.

I know I said that I’d hate them if they lost but I think that even if they suck this season, I’ve added Notre Dame into my list of Teams TM. I’ve missed just slowly descending into madness over hockey. My team is losing but this is great, I’m having a great time.

Now score a goal. Or 3. Please.

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