Avs Flip The Series And Force A Game 7

This photo is from 3 days ago. When the Stars had a 3-1 lead in the series. Good times.

The Dallas Stars have completely dropped their series lead and are now tied up with the Colorado Avalanche 3-3 with Game 7 on Friday night. What a way to ruin my weekend.

Even though I am a fan of Dallas and Colorado, I’m a more loyal to Dallas so seeing them flounder the series lead is disappointing. I’m also not shocked. It’s not new that Dallas has literally fallen apart at the seams during the most crucial points of the season. Remember the 6 game losing streak we started on? And then the first 4 games we lost going into this? It was bound to happen. Especially against a team like Colorado. The Avs are literally a powerhouse that I have been betting on all season. They’re fast, they’re smart, and their scoring depth runs deep.

I haven’t given up all hope on the Stars yet, there is still one last game and maybe they can pull this out, but I will not be devastated or surprised if this goes the other way. I will be angry as fuck but I will not be sad.

On the other side of the coin, I’ve been pulling for the Avs to win the Cup all season and with Nathan MacKinnon playing like this, they can absolutely do it. The kid has 25 points in 14 games – the first to do that since Gretzky in 1993. Anyway, if anyone needs me Friday I will be screaming into a pillow as I have to watch this game. I love both teams but the Avs can go all the way and with the Stars playing so inconsistent, I’m not sure they’d make it past the Conference Final.

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