Auston Matthews Is The First To 40 Goals This Season

Getting 40 goals in a season is a big feat in the NHL and quite a few players get it but being the first is always sweet. Auston Matthews is the first player to hit 40 goals this NHL season. It should come as no shock as every night the Leafs play, there’s some video of him scoring a clutch goal. He beat Leon Draisaitl and Chris Kreider to this feat, both of them have 38 goals as of right now. Draisaitl still could join Matthews at the 40 mark if he puts up 2 goals against the Calgary Flames tonight.

So far in 53 games this season, Matthews has 72 points now, 40 goals and 32 assists. His career-high is 47 goals and I think I would confidently wager that he breaks that by the end of this season. The Leafs still have enough games left this season for him to do that, hell I think he just might be able to hit 50.

The Leafs are doing pretty good this season. They’ve got a 36-16-4 record, 3rd in the Atlantic just 4 points behind Tampa in 2nd. They’ve played really well and I’m sure they’ll make the playoffs, the question is will they make it past the first round? If Matthews doesn’t fall silent in the postseason, I think they have a fair chance.

Their next game is tomorrow night, at home against the Seattle Kraken. The Kraken have been struggling so it should be an easy win, however, this is the Leafs we’re talking about. They could just as easily lose 9-1 and I wouldn’t be shocked. One thing I do think you can bet on is Matthews’s getting his 41st goal.

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Featured Image:  Sporting News

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