I Miss Javier Baez A Little Extra Today

Every day, I miss Javier Baez more and more. It’s like that Spider-Man meme of “everywhere I go, I see his face” because recently I’ve seen him everywhere. Mostly because 2021 is ending tomorrow and he made some of the most insane plays in baseball this year. For one, this:

This is why Javy is one of the best baserunners in baseball. Every second he is fully aware of the ball and how to move to avoid it. He is just actively thinking “okay, I’m not tagged – what can I do to advance here?”. It’s like he sees 10-steps ahead of what can happen and he goes for it. And what he does is just insane. I miss him desperately as a Chicago Cub. Then this clip pours a pound of salt in the wound and shows Anthony Rizzo laughing his ass off in the dugout.

I feel like a second wind of “They’re really gone” is just hitting me about KB, Rizzo, and Javy. They were so important to this city and Cubs fans. The other day I was in Wrigleyville, I saw the big KB painting on the side of HVAC and it took me a second to remember that he was even traded because it is still a preposterous idea. But that rat bastard Ricketts took everyone we cherished and drove them away.

Now all I have are the memories and this photo that I’m totally not tearing up over.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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