Gigi Marvin Has Retired From USA Hockey

USA Hockey announced earlier today that superstar Gigi Marvin has retired from their program. I completely mistook this for Marvin retiring from hockey itself and I was so upset about it. However, this tweet is crafted a little deceivingly, her time with Team USA has come to an end, and what a magical time it was.

While representing her country, from 2006-2019, Marvin played in 3 Olympics, 7 World Championships, and 9 Four Nations Cups. That comes out to 126 games with 74 points (24G 50A) to boot over the course of 13 years. She has won 5 Gold medals at the World Championships, one Gold at the Olympics. She then has 2 Silver at the World Championships and 2 at the Olympics.

She’s listed as a defenseman but she’d double as a forward, one of the most versatile players I’ve ever seen play. She was beloved by her teammates as well. The PWHPA hasn’t said she’s retiring from there, thank God. I would have been heartbroken if she retired completely from pro hockey now. I think she’ll be set to play with Minnesota’s Team Adidas this Saturday against Montreal as a part of the PWHPA Championship. Once again, there are no Tweets or articles indicating that Marvin is retiring from their association so I’m guessing she’ll be playing with them in a few days. I’ll miss her on Team USA but she left a hell of a legacy there and built the foundation for that team now.

Congrats to Gigi Marvin, thank you for leading our national team with pride, dignity, and excellence.

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