The Rivalry Series Is Back And As Heated As Ever

It’s always a good day for a Rivalry Series game.

Tonight, the US and Canada kicked off their 5th Rivalry Series/My Why Tour game in St. Louis, Missouri. This one ended up being a Canada OT win, 2-1. Let’s break this down real quick:

Period one went scoreless but the US led with 7 shots on net compared to Canada’s 4. Both goaltenders, Ann-Renee Desbiens for Canada and Alex Cavallini (Rigsby) for the US, were incredible and despite their skaters being off to a slow start, they both made sure to keep things interesting from inside the creases.

The second is where this game really got cooking. Hannah Brandt and Jocelyne Larocque started by earning some matching roughing minors just 5:45 into the period. This is US vs Canada we’re talking about here, they’re arch-nemeses on the ice. No shit they’re throwing some jabs here and there.

Then at 8:36, young gun Jesse Compher got a 2-minute minor that proved fatal for the US as Marie-Philip Poulin scored to give Canada a 1-0 lead.

Both goalies stood tall for the rest of the second and kept things 1-0 going into the final 20. Their teammates kept those fierce fires glowing bright headed into the 3rd period. Canada started with giving the US a 2-man advantage just 2:16 into the period. Of course, the US didn’t end up doing anything in those 2 minutes but 2 seconds after it ended, light of my life Hilary Knight saved the day for the US and got us tied 1-1.

They did not take their feet off the gas for the final 16 minutes but, per usual this game, those goaltenders held their ground. In the third alone, Cavalini had stopped 12 shots while Desbiens stopped 9. So 60 minutes was not enough and we took this to OT. Both sides had great chances and I really thought the US would pull through. Alas, Poulin did it again and scored to get Canada their 3rd win in this year’s Rivalry Series/My Why Tour.

I’m just really happy she didn’t receive a Zegras assist like she practiced in warm-ups. I think I would have cried if that’s how this ended:

Yes, I’m upset the US lost (I am competitive, I like to win) but this isn’t the end of this series. The US and Canada will pick up where they left off tonight for another incredible game Friday night from St. Louis. Then they’ll move on to play again on December 20th, this time from Minnesota. A part of me wants to say “fuck it” and find a way to Minnesota to see this game. It’ll be just as intense as this one was tonight and I want to see it with my own eyes. Regardless, if it’s in Minnesota or some bar in Chicago, I’ll be sure to be watching these two teams duke it out as we approach Christmas and inevitably the Olympics (hopefully with more USA wins this time).

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