Ducks Wore Sick Ugly Sweaters To Their Game Today

I know they were going for “ugly sweater” but these are pretty baller.

The Anaheim Ducks rolled up to their game in style tonight. The team all (or well a few of them) matched with these sick Duck-themed knit sweaters. The sweater themselves look top notched. You can never go wrong with a classic Ducks logo, just impossible to make look bad. They were made as part of a promotion for people to buy tickets to their games this holiday season. Lemme tell you, if I lived around Anaheim, this would have worked. Tickets are probably pretty cheap PLUS you get this bad boy? Count me in.

I personally love when teams have some weird theme to their outfits, even if it’s sweaters most definitely given to them by the marketing department. I love when baseball teams do this and they post all the photos, it’s great when hockey teams do it too. It brings a weird sense of unity and personality to the table. Trevor Zegras looks like he could have walked right off the “Stranger Things” set and right onto the ice.

Maybe those sweaters can bring the Ducks some late-game magic. Currently, they’re tied 3-3 with the Flames with just under a minute to go. Some of their players have been having great starts to their seasons so I hope they can keep it going and shock us all.

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Featured Image:  Screenshot from Anaheim's Tweet

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