Nothin Like A Fight Off The Opening Face-Off

There is nothing quite like Opening Face-Off Fisticuffs. The 6’9″, 256lbs Zdeno Chara fought 6’3″, 220lbs Pat Maroon just four seconds into the Islanders vs Lightning game earlier today. For reference I am 5’8″, I think seeing this in person would be like watching two Titans fight.
Reference Gif to Scale (Via Giphy)

Between these guys, there are 2,201 NHL games, 917 points, and 4 Stanley Cups. Chara is 44 years old, Maroon is 11 years his senior (33) but both have had legendary NHL careers. In my opinion, I love when older guys square off in these fights. There are more years of rivalry built up between them. I don’t know what sparked this duel but it had to be something good to go off the opening face-off, even if it’s just to get their guys goin’. It seemed to work because that wasn’t the only fight of the night.

Both Maroon and Chara are known for their relentless toughness. Anytime they fight a player, it’s guaranteed to be a big fight so to see them throw down, seconds after the initial puck drop, that gets the heart pumping. Tampa ended up winning this game 4-1 but neither of these guys had a point in that. Chara did register more PIMs than he did ice time, he ended the night with 17 PIMs and 16:03 of ice time. A tussle like this sure does make a Monday night game in mid-November very interesting.

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