Kevin Hayes Scores His First Goal Of The Season And Honors His Late Brother Jimmy

I won’t lie to you, the second I saw the puck pass the goalline I teared up.

Kevin Hayes, whose brother Jimmy Hayes passed away suddenly in late August, scored his first goal of the season tonight. Hayes catches his own rebound off someone’s skate, gets the puck past Markstrom, and points up at the sky towards his brother.

And we all wept. Hayes has had such a rough few months. Between his brother’s sudden passing, then missing the start of the season with an injury. He deserved a goal here.

Sadly as I’m writing this, Kevin just hobbled down the tunnel, seemingly in pain, not long after that goal. He got tangled up in sticks and went down on the ice and immediately down the tunnel. I am fucking praying he’s okay. He talked about how his recent injury was an abdominal surgery he had in April that got torn apart when he went for a stride in September. So he had to go get the same surgery again and that’s why he missed the start of the season. I’m afraid that one of those sticks reaggravated the same thing. I’ve never met him but he seems like a great human being, him getting injured in his 2nd game back, literally minutes after scoring a goal for his brother is so unfair. I’m hoping he comes back all good for the third but if not I’m going to have a word with the Hockey Gods because this guy deserves some good things.

UPDATE: Kevin is back for the third period. I hope he gets another goal. You go, Kevin.

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