8 Years Ago Today, Tyler Seguin Became A Dallas Star

Not much happening in sports today because it’s the Fourth of July but we do have something else to celebrate. 8 years ago today, Tyler Seguin was traded to the Dallas Stars from the Boston Bruins. In his 8 years in Texas, Tyler has played in 541 games and brought out 516 points (225G 291A) while averaging 19:40 on the ice per game. He has played in 46 playoff games with 27 points (7G 20A) while averaging 19:21 on the ice per game.

Seggy has got a career Corsi For of 59.8%. He averages 4 on ice goals for per 60 minutes, then he averages 2.5 goals against per 60 minutes. Tyler has been one of the most influential players to hit Dallas’s roster. He leads the team on and off the ice, he’s a solid player for them, it’s a trade that is always going to be massive to Dallas’s success.

Without Seguin, the Stars never make that Stanley Cup Final last year and if he wasn’t injured for 95% of this year, they might have been right back in that race. It’s definitely a day Stars fans should celebrate. Now, before I throw on Miracle, here’s some Seggy content to keep you happy.

Lest We Never Forget:

(As a queer person, I don’t think its homophobic. I think this is the best god damn sentence ever written, I want it on a t-shirt.)

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Featured Image: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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