Panthers Come Back To Win Game 3 In OT!

First period: The Panthers get on the sheet early and have a 2-0 lead.

Second Period: Tampa finds the ground and runs through the Panthers to get this game 3-5.

Third Period: Panthers say “kick rocks” and tie this game up 5-5 for OT.

Then, OT -my MAN, Ryan Lomberg, kills the Lightning with an OT GWG, 5:56 into the period. Panthers win and this series will not be a sweep!

Do. Not. Count. These. Cats. Out.

I was going to write a blog after the second period when the Lightning scored 5 goals. But then I said “nah, I’ll blog later,” great thing I stopped because holy damn did the Panthers come back. Sure, the Lightning leads this series 2-1 but this win was sexxxyyyy for the Panthers. Gets the boys goin, their confidence is up. They’ve been an underdog all season. Their entire roster is players who have been underdogs throughout their careers so no shock they’ve been so great together. If they could comeback and dismantle the Lightning, I would be eternally grateful and the state of Florida would be an Official Hockey State.

Game 4 will be Saturday May 22nd at a lovely 11:30AM CT. Wake up, grab a beer, and watch the Battle of Florida rage on! Here’s highlights from tonight:

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Featured Image: Florida Panthers Twitter

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