Bad News Friday: Full of NCAA Upsets

I’m having a bad Friday so far.

Both NCAA Hockey teams I cheer for –Michigan and Notre Dame– have been eliminated before their games even get a chance to begin because of positive COVID tests. That stings but just my luck. So then I said “fuck it go Wisconsin, they’ve got a few players I like and they just won the Big10 Championship”. Good bet, right?

Guess who got upset by Bemidji? Yep. Wisconsin. 3-6 final, without Cole Caufield they would have been in the dirt. So uhhh, go North Dakota, I guess? You’re the fourth team in this line of succession but I believe in you! (If I mush them too I have to give up on sports.)

Even though it sucks I can’t see my favorite teams raise the trophy, it stings even more when I think about all the guys who were in their senior season. This was their last chance at an NCAA Championship and it got fucked by this damn pandemic. It’s so unfair. Add in the guys who will be leaving for the NHL next season. Sure, they get to go play in the Show but they’ve given a lot of time and dedication to these teams and it’s over too soon.

Ya hate to see it happen but that’s the sad truth in these times. I feel for all the players at Notre Dame and Michigan who didn’t even get a chance to play this weekend. Now, we’ll wait to see if any players from these teams can report to their NHL teams (like Caufield to Montreal) but I’m not too sure what the rules are there. There is still plenty of college hockey left so go North Dakota.

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