Something Has Got To Give With The Flyers

Apparently a 9-0 loss to the Rangers wasn’t enough for the Flyers to get their shit together. Let me preface with I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I hate being negative all the time but dear lord, something has got to change here.

Tonight, the Flyers fell once more to the Rangers in another confidence killing game and a kick in the ass is dire now more than ever. The Flyers have worsened their record to 15-13-4. That’s 4-9-1 in March with just 65 goals allowed in the past 15 games. On the flip side, they’ve only scored 39 goals this month. A week ago I said they needed a wake up call but now I am actively pounding on the door and telling them to get their asses out of bed.

Something has got to give here. They can’t just go from losing this bad to serious playoff contention, they’re not the fluke Blues team that won 2 seasons ago. Something has to change if they want to win again. Whether that’s in coaching, goaltending, or elsewhere on the roster– it’s anyone’s guess.

I say rest Carter Hart for a while. The kid said that he hasn’t felt like himself and he’s been off. For a guy with a lot of superstitions and regimen to be at his best, this is probably just making him worse. He’s 22, he was amazing but he needs rest or some times in a less intense space. Give the kid time off, let him get back to his superstar self, and move from there.

As for the defense, that’s a shitshow in and of itself. If Hart had some actual defenders in front of him, this mess would probably only be half as bad. The NHL trade deadline is approaching quick and if they have to move some pieces around to get winning again, I don’t think anyone is going to be mad. This team can win and win well, they did that last season. Something has got to change if they want to win again and with this season half way over, it better happen fast.

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