We Got A Pair Of First NHL Goals

I decided to fall asleep before 10PM for once and I miss two massive first NHL goals. Never going to bed early again.

The Ducks’ rookies, Trevor Zegras and Jamie Drysdale, both scored their first NHL goals back to back and proved the difference makers in Anaheim’s OT 3-2 victory over the Arizona Coyotes. Drysdale was called up just yesterday while Zegras was playing in his 11th NHL game.

Last night Anaheim went down 0-2 to Arizona in the first period. These kids took that one personally.

Jamie Drysdale scored his first NHL goal 12:01 into the second period. At first they through it was an assist and Max Jones was credited with the goal. But much like (or opposite of?) Zegras’s “first NHL point”, they reviewed the tape and saw that Jones didn’t touch the puck so Drysdale was rightfully credited with his first NHL goal.

Zegras wasted no time hopping on board and scored his first NHL goal just 2:29 later. This is such a beautiful goal. No shock that Zegras is the one scoring it. Drysdale also picked up an assist here.

What an electric night for the Ducks. They drafted these kids to make a difference and they’re doing just that. The Ducks’ twitter posted this little blog about all the NHL records they set with these goals — there’s quite a few. I’ve talked so many times about how much I love first goals and I’m so mad I missed them. Regardless, couldn’t be more happy for these guys, they’ve got hundreds more in front of them.

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Featured Image:  Anaheim Ducks Twitter

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