Trevor Zegras Has Picked Up His First NHL Point (Or Did He?)

(This blog has been updated since the NHL took away his assist. Read the bottom.)

Trevor Zegras has picked up his first point in the NHL! LFGGGG

Zegras has been on a tear over the past year, between Team USA and in the AHL. It came as no shock when the Ducks announced they were calling him up to the NHL. The kid made his NHL Debut in Monday’s Anaheim vs Arizona and although he didn’t crack the score sheet, he still played a solid 13:14 on the ice and even had 3 shots on net. Finally tonight against the Coyotes, Zegras got his first assist on the board.

It’s a little questionable if his stick actually hit the puck but regardless, I’mm take it. Love to see his family cheering along with him at the game, absolutely adorable. The “First NHL Point/Goal” cellies are always the best. They’re such unbridled joy, it’s so pure. This is one of many for this kid. Since that assist he’s been firing the puck more. There’s still 20 to go in this game and the Ducks are up 3-0. If Zegras scoops another assist or even a goal in the third, I won’t be shocked at all. Overall, awesome moment.

UPDATE: LOL the NHL said “nah kid” and took Zegras’s point away. He is back at 0 NHL points but I still stand by what I said. A smart player like him, he’ll have that point back in no time. Watch, I’ll post this update and the kid will score some insane goal and I’ll have to make a whole new blog. There’s never a dull moment in the NHL.

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